Skip The Mayo, Try Avocado


Here is a food tip I learned off of Instagram, from ‘OhMyBod‘. When making tuna substitute using mayonnaise and use an avocado instead. I put grape tomatoes in mine and used Ezekiel bread.

I love avocados and they are another food that I didn’t have a whole lot of experience with, until I purchased a cook book that taught how to sneak good foods into my kids meals I had never even purchased an avocado in my life!  The book taught a avocado pudding recipe that sounded repulsive but was actually super rich and delicious!

Avocados are another food that I like to cook for breakfast and eat with eggs.  Usually I like to slice them thin, and cook them in the pan with the left over coconut oil and they make what I like to call avocado fries.  I also have to cook avocado because otherwise when I eat it uncooked like in the tuna my mouth itches, same thing happens with bananas but I eat them anyway.  (That’s called oral allergy syndrome, incase you wondered.  I can’t eat watermelon or cantaloupe at all!  One time I even had a strange episode with some sweet corn.)

And people, I don’t care what you have heard, some fats are healthy!

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