The Workout Log

I used to track my workouts on plain college rule paper in a binder. Once I joined a gym and was working out at home and the gym I started having to take a small notebook with me. This meant my workouts were not all in the same place and that bugged me.

I was on Facebook one day reading the comments in an exercise post, when someone mentioned The Workout Log book. I went to Amazon and threw one in my cart. It stayed there for several months before I finally committed to buying it. I’m not big on exercise books because usually they have a tiny little spot for actually writing your workout and the rest of the book is dedicated to what you ate that day and other unnecessary junk. That’s fine for some people, but when I do track my nutrition it is with apps on my phone.

What I noticed about The Workout Log is that it had ample space for a days worth of training, especially weightlifting. It also has pages at the beginning and end for your goals, starting weight, and measurements. That is great to do. Measurements are the most helpful when seeing what changes have been made. The front inside cover has a conversion table, and the back inside cover has muscle anatomy. This to me, is the perfect little book for training and can’t find anything about it I don’t like. You can find it on The website for the book is It was created by Jon Oliver.

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